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Taxsee Driver


Application features:• starting a shift and auto relocation by GPS• auto starting a shift by GPS when requesting an order• enabling auto assignment filter by the destination point zone• confirmation and order cancel request• specifying a car arrival time when an order is assigned• the capability to close an order independently• the capability to withdraw from an order independently• prolonging the time of arrival at the pick-up point• contact a client by phone• sending a message to the operator or contact by phone• editing the route and extras of the order• the capability to add the current address when editing an order• starting and ending waiting for a client when executing an order• getting a list of the nearest areas when an order is executed by GPS • getting lists of orders by zones, current and advance• customizing the order of zones in the list• drivers' chat• chat with an operator• view announcements from administration• money transfer by the callsign• "Alarm button"• Push-notifications supportMap features • the capability to enable/disable the map• online and offline mode support• determining the current location on the map• building the route to the pick-up point• building the route on the order• the capability to select an address on the map when editing the order• showing the nearest orders on the map• map rotation with gestures• map rotation depending on the direction• a new way to hide information from the map
Configurable settings*:• keep screen on• active use of GPS• night theme (switched by the button in the main window)• tabs order and zones list order for landscape mode• additional action buttons in the main window• displaying the current balance in all windows• text size• audio output, volume and ringtones for sound notifications• copying the text, addressing and messages backlight in the drivers' chat• hardware acceleration• displaying the map• and other
* Settings are opened in the menu.